EASST Pre-Conference Doctoral Workshop – Toruń

‚Doing STS – within academia and beyond’


We would like to invite you to participate in the Pre-Conference Doctoral Workshop on the day before the 2014 EASST Conference in Torun, Poland.

Torun, 16 September 2014, 13.00-19.00

Similarly to previous conference years, the aim of the pre-conference doctoral workshop is to create a platform where PhD students can engage with key issues in being an STS researcher with support and guidance from established STS academics.

The workshop this year has two specific objectives:

  1. To critically engage with what STS researchers practically ‚do’. While postgraduate curricula encompass more and more ‘soft skills’ trainings, wider understandings of these practices are often neglected. The aim is to talk about, for example, the engagements with the academic publishing industry, instead of mere successful publishing strategies.
  2. To address how STS can be used in the context of practitioners, policy-makers, activists or even business consultants.  This can be a key issue both for scholars willing to reach beyond academia as well as for those two thirds of graduated PhD students who pursue their career outside of academia.

Some preliminary workshop topics:

  • Civil service and policy-making
  • Activism and NGOs
  • Business consultancy
  • Art and design
  • Publishing industry
  • Academic journals
  • Social media
  • Science communication

Participation in the workshop is free of charge, and includes a dinner at the end of the event in a nice Torun restaurant with senior discussants of the workshop and EASST Council members.


Programme outline

13.00-14.00   Registration, coffee and snacks

14.00-14.15   Welcome and opening

14.15-15.00   Introduction to each other and the workshop topics

15.00-16.00   Workshop Session 1 – small group topical discussions

16.00-16.30   Coffee break

16.30-16.45   Introduction of new topics

16.45-17.45   Workshop Session 2 – small group topical discussions

17.50-18.40   Summary of findings

19.00-     Open Dinner


The deadline for applications is 25 August.


Any queries are welcome on the address!