The conference

Registration and Conference Information Desks

Tuesday 16 September, 13.00-19.00 (the day before the conference)

The Registration Desk is located in Collegium Minus, the building of Faculty of Humanities, commonly called the Harmony (Harmonijka) located in the historic Old Town nearby to the hotels, at street Fosa Staromiejska 1a.


During the conference, the Registration Desk is located at the Main Hall of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management building at Gagarina Street 13a.

Wednesday 17 September 08.00-16.00

Thursday 18 September 09.00-17.00

Friday 19 September 09.00-14.00


The Conference Information desks are open during the conference hours, and are located at the Main Halls of both Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management and Collegium Humanisticum of Faculty of History.

The staff wearing NCU t-shirts will be happy to assist you with all matters concerning conference.

Thursday 18 September 11.00-11.30 and 16.30-17.00

Friday 19 September 09.45-10.30


see also: conference venue


Internet access

Conference delegates may either connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi using already-established Eduroam credentials (your computer should connect automatically), or connect to the local university network called konferencja, using  the case-sensitive credentials that will be available in the reception desk and in the printed programmes.


Conference badge policy

All conference delegates will receive a name badge from the Registration Desk. All delegates and exhibitors are required to wear their badges during all conference events.


All the Nicolaus Copernicus University buildings are non-smoking areas. In general, all public buildings in Poland are non-smoking areas unless there is a designated place for smoking (e.g. designated room in restaurant). In general, smoking is allowed outdoors, unless clearly marked otherwise (sign showing a crossed out cigarette). We kindly ask you to respect this convention.


All lunches are served in the in the Main Hall of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management building in two locations: one nearby the Main Auditory, the other further down the hall, close to the rooms 22a, 24a and 27a (book exhibition). Lunch breaks are timed as follows:

Wednesday 17 September 12.00-14.00

Thursday 18 September 13.00-15.00

Friday 19 September 12.00-14.00

Coffee/tea breaks

Coffe/tea breaks are at the Main Hall of both buildings: Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management and in the Collegium Humanisticum. Times are as follows:

Wednesday 17 September 15.30-16.00

Thursday 18 September 11.00-11.30 and 16.30-17.00

Friday 19 September 09.45-10.30

AV equipment

The AV Equipment is differs between the buildings. There are more traditional overhead projectors in the rooms in Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, and AV installations in Collegium Humanisticum which can be operated with a desk panel. Instructions for panels will be placed in each conference room in Collegium Humanisticum next to the panel itself. The Local Team will be happy to assist you in any technical matters. Please note that support for Apple computers will not be provided.

Book Exhibition

The Book Exhibition will be located in room 27a in Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management.


National Association Exhibition

National STS Associations and Centres

Over the last four years EASST has been networking with National STS Associations and Centres to pursue an open dialogue about the ways in which STS is organised across Europe, to share the challenges faced, and to explore opportunities to work together productively.

An account of the last meeting was contained in the March 2014 copy of EASST Review. The article is available from

National Associations have been invited to display material about their activities at the conference so that they can provide an opportunity for networking and exchange during breaks and lunch.

We are expecting those attending to include:

WTMC (Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture)

Gesellschaft fur Wissenschaft und Technikforschung (German Society for Science and Technology Studies)

STS Italia

The Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies


Social events

Welcome aperitif

Location: Main Hall of Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management; Wednesday 17 September, 18.00-


The Organisers invite all the conference delegates to the Welcome Aperitif after the Plenary Session, in the Main Hall of Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management.

You will have the chance to try local gingerbread and nalewki – a traditional Polish alcoholic liqueur. There are a number of types of this liqueur, the most popular local ones are flavoured with quince or honey.

Toruń is famous for its gingerbread, so much that there are legends about it. The most popular tells a story about a young apprentice who helped a queen bee when she was drowning in water. Grateful, she told him the secret of making perfect gingerbread: all he needed to do was add was honey. Since that moment, his gingerbread was unlike any other.

Social event with dinner

Location: Fort IV, Bolesław Chrobry Street 86; GPS 18.6305, 53.0403; Thursday 18 September, 20.00-23.00
Included in the conference registration, the banquet will take place in the historical military fort (Fort IV) from the XIXth century. Toruń, was then a Prussian military town surrounded by the circle of military fortifications. The fortications are more recent than the historic Old Town architecture, and located further away from the city centre. Consequently this part of the city is less known by tourists, being a sort of hidden attraction. Tables for the conference delegates will be located both inside the fort rooms and outside in its yard. This will allow for thorough investigation of the space and this interesting piece of military architecture.

Delegates will be taken from the conference venue to Fort IV in shuttle buses, which will return to the Old Town at the end of the evening. The first bus departs at 19.00 from the car park of the university campus, and then goes to the Old Town. The first return bus departs at 23.00 and goes to the city centre. Conference delegates will be informed about the shuttle details during the conference.