Travel to Toruń – clues and suggestions

Here are some suggestions about travelling to Toruń that we hope you may find useful:


There is no airport in Toruń, so if you prefer to use plane there are four most probable destinations. Click on the map to enlarge it.

mapa PolskiThe closest is Bydgoszcz – 50 km from Toruń. Poznań is 150 km from Toruń, Gdańsk and Warszawa (Warsaw) are circa 200 km from Toruń.

There is a direct freeway connection between Toruń and Gdańsk, so the rasonable option here is to go by bus or to rent a car. The third possibility is train.

There is also a good train connection with Poznań (usually it takes 2-3 hours depending on a train), and quite good road connection (although there is no freeway here).

Travelling from Bydgoszcz to Toruń takes about an hour (by bus or by train) although air abroad connections with Bydgoszcz are limited.

It takes 3 hours to come from Warsaw to Toruń by train, and 4 by bus.



We think a good option to come to Toruń is to travel through Poznań by train.

Here you can find Polish online train timetable:


Toruń Main Station („Toruń Główny”) is located on the other side of the river than the Old Town (hotels, and conference venue). Click on the map to enlarge it:

mapa torunia

So it is useful to check out if the train goes through the City Station („Toruń Miasto”) which is a very small intermediary station between the Main Station and East Toruń station. The City Station is located just outside the old town, and it takes a short walk to get there.

However, if your destiation is the Main Station, then you have three possible options to come to the Old Town:

– 30 minutes walk, mostly through the bridge

– travel by bus (5-10 minutes, depends on traffic) – It is possible to buy bus tickets in the train station building or in the small shops right outside the station. Normal ticket is 2,80 zł (1 Euro = 4,10 zł.). Note, that you need another ticket for big luggage (a suitcase etc.). There is a bus station right outside the train station, just exit the tunnel, and then you’ll see it. There are buses no. 22 and 27, which take you to the Old Town. The first stop after crossing the bridge is the Old Town.

– taking cab – The cost of going from the train station to your hotel should be about 20 zł (5 Euros). Please note: it is recommended to take company cabs. A good indication of that is a clearly visible phone number: 1-9191, 9192,… 9198. There are two spots for cabs: one is located within the station area, right in front of the main entrance to the building, the other right outside the tunnel exit.